The overall objective of the Animation curriculum is to ensure that students can master principles in acting, weight, timing, lip sync etc. The course covers different levels of animation study across Animation Aesthetics and Animation Physics. Animators will find it necessary to draw on both these skills and Takshaa ensures a strategic balance through careful program design. Classes are designed like a production atmosphere where class sessions “reviews” are conducted once a week while at the same time weekly lectures go into detail into motion analysis , character motivation, visual design and other advanced concepts related to animation design. Admissions to the introductory level is open to student who clear their foundations year with a minimum of B-. Each module runs for 12 weeks.

The required modules for graduation are :

AA 101 Animation Aesthetics: Basics 
AB 101 Animation Physics : An introduction 
AA 102 Animation Aesthetics-  Dialogue 

Various other optional courses are offered throught the year depending on student skill sets including -

AB 102 Animation Physics-  Advanced level 
AA 103 Animation Aesthetics – Short film Making 
AB 103 Animation Physics- Animal motion

A highly selective week long short film making Boot Camp is run once a year in the summer under the supervision of renowned animation filmmakers. Selected students will be divided into groups and each group will conceive and execute a short film within 1 week. Visit the Takshaa YouTube Channel to see examples of past films.

Takshaa prides itself on the quality of its students work. Please visit the Gallery to see samples of work for this department and other.

Other Information :

Department Director

Manu Ittina 

Student reel 2008

This edited compilation broadly represents student work from the year 2008. The work is from various semesters and meant to be indicative of the progress of students through the various modules and kind of work students can expect to do at Takshaa.

All the artwork on this website has been created by Takshaa students while studying in the institution. The images are copyright by the respective creator and Takshaa.

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