Admissions Programs

TAKSHAA welcomes applications from students who have chosen to pursue a career in Computer graphics. TAKSHAA is a full time course open to all 10+2 graduates.

TAKSHAA offers a BTEC HNC accredited by Edexcel. For more details check out the accreditation page.

The BTEC HNC is a 2 year programming comprising of 1 year foundations and 1 year of specialization.

Foundation Year

The Foundation Program is and entry level of one year duration. For admission one requires a minimum 12th std. pass. Students undergoing The Foundation Studies program will not only work on modules in Art and Computer Graphics, but also have modules and sessions on Theatre, Humanities, Design History etc, prior to opting for their specialization towards the end of the third and final semester.

Core Specialization Year

Specialization programs are offered in
Character Animation
Visual effects
Game Asset Creation
Light and Shade

Students take intensive specialization courses for 3 semesters after completing the foundation year. Apart from the core models in the respective fields of specialization, students will also take advanced lessons in Design concepts, Advanced Lighting Concepts, Aesthetic Anatomy, Acting and Professional Practices. All intermediate and advanced courses require a minimum grade of B- to be able advance to the next level.

The program has been designed in careful consultation with the leading experts in the industry.M

Required studio and theoretical courses serve as core curriculum according to academic year requirements.

We also provide addition elective courses for credit such as photography, puppetry, theatrical lighting, programming, rigging etc along with these core studies to help students experiment in multiple areas of interest

For any specific enquires please contact us directly.

Student reel 2008

This edited compilation broadly represents student work from the year 2008. The work is from various semesters and meant to be indicative of the progress of students through the various modules and kind of work students can expect to do at Takshaa.

All the artwork on this website has been created by Takshaa students while studying in the institution. The images are copyright by the respective creator and Takshaa.

In order to contact the creator of any image please send an email to

Reproducing the images in any media, in part or whole, without permission from the copyright owner, is prohibited.