International Students

TAKSHAA has a very vibrant body of students from all over who all contribute to our vision of establishing a modern Takshashila (checkout the about us main page for our mission statement). Over the years we have been proud to have students who came to study at Takshaa from countries such as Japan, Ethiopia, Canada, Australia, UK, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Takshaa’s BTEC HNC is recognized in over 110 countries and can be applied towards a Bachelors Degree. However individual colleges may have different requirements and international students who wish to pursue advanced studies after completing the program at Takshaa are advised to check with their degree college before opting for a BTEC HNC. For more information check out our Accreditation Details

Interested students must have a High school Diploma or equivalent to be eligible for the BTEC HNC in Animation program. Students are advised to apply online at least 3 months in advance to have adequate time for other formalities.

Classes at Takshaa are taught in the English language.

For all visa and other queries please contact  

Student reel 2008

This edited compilation broadly represents student work from the year 2008. The work is from various semesters and meant to be indicative of the progress of students through the various modules and kind of work students can expect to do at Takshaa.

All the artwork on this website has been created by Takshaa students while studying in the institution. The images are copyright by the respective creator and Takshaa.

In order to contact the creator of any image please send an email to

Reproducing the images in any media, in part or whole, without permission from the copyright owner, is prohibited.