The philosophy of the School is driven by the effort to bring Computer Animation back to Art and the belief that it isn’t technology that drives creation, but the power of the human mind.


Takshaa is the No.1 rated Animation College in India. Takshaa offers a 2 year Edexcel BTEC HNC ( Higher National Certificate) in Animation. Takshaa is the first animation center in the world to be accredited as an independent center for Edexcel. Supported by an incredible faculty of international film makers, animators, Vfx Supervisors and is driven by impeccable academic standards.
Takshaa encourages students to become creators and visionaries.


The name Takshaa comes from the term ”Takshashila” or as the Greeks referred to it “Taxila” which was a centre for learning that held a pivotal position in an individual’s education, be it art or humanities or any form of learning. Inspired by this TAKSHAA was founded by Manu Ittina and Ruturaj Arolkar who wanted to setup an academy that brought the focus back to Art. Takshaa thus has all effort being channelized towards making it a centre for learning for all professional animators, modelers, lighters and visual effects artists.

Student reel 2008

This edited compilation broadly represents student work from the year 2008. The work is from various semesters and meant to be indicative of the progress of students through the various modules and kind of work students can expect to do at Takshaa.

All the artwork on this website has been created by Takshaa students while studying in the institution. The images are copyright by the respective creator and Takshaa.

In order to contact the creator of any image please send an email to contact@takshaa.com

Reproducing the images in any media, in part or whole, without permission from the copyright owner, is prohibited.