Founders Message

Dear Student

Since we established Takshaa in 2006, we have grown from 6 to over a 120 students today. Such a rapid growth was driven primarily by word of mouth. We have in such a short time managed to build a remarkable community of young and dynamic artists. We started with a mission to simply computer animation. We wanted to bring it back to basics. New students often ask what software we teach and if learning multiple softwares is going to be of help to them. I often quote this example – if you wanted to be a writer and you went to school for you. First day of class your instructor opened up a computer and fired up his copy of Microsoft Word and started explaining all the features of Word to you; How would you feel? Knowing all the word processing softwares in the world wont make you a better writer. Animation is just like that. The focus is on Storytelling, on design, composition, color and on communicating with the audience. It is not about fancy tools and software. ( although they play a big part in it)

Many wonder why we haven’t “franchised out” our brand and opened up in multiple locations. This is because we believe in ensuring each and every student gets a quality education by virtue of having access to the best faculty and equipment. Art is hard, it is hard because it demands incredible honesty and lots of patience and with a confidence in ones dreams. We have always believed that Takshaa's main task is to fill the students heads with dreams. Make them so hungry for beauty that technique becomes secondary.

Takshaa is in essence a dream factory.

I thank you for your interest in Takshaa and welcome you to be a part of our community and vision.


Manu Ittina & Ruturaj Arolkar

Student reel 2008

This edited compilation broadly represents student work from the year 2008. The work is from various semesters and meant to be indicative of the progress of students through the various modules and kind of work students can expect to do at Takshaa.

All the artwork on this website has been created by Takshaa students while studying in the institution. The images are copyright by the respective creator and Takshaa.

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